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Hoodoo in the Old Tradition

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Reply XRumerTest
10:08 AM on March 21, 2017 
Hello. And Bye.
Reply Milton Moore-Bey
4:09 PM on September 14, 2015 

ALAFIA, It is truly an honor to be a member of a website that is of the actual traditions and customs of African culture! I have been all over the internet searching for genuine voodoo and hoodoo! It is so wonderful to have finally found that which is authintic! Thank you so very much for being the real McCoy!!!!!! ASHE!

Reply Vanessa L. Jones
5:49 PM on May 20, 2015 


It's is very refreshing reading your website. Do you have a contact phone # ? So that we can talk. I'm very interested in learning what our ancestors practiced. Every website that I have gone on has been of European orgin. I want the old fashion rootworker history antidotes. My contact info is 215 748 7029. Tell me what you think about Creole Moon Densie Alvarado I thought that she was African American I order her book. I did not know that she was White. I did not know that Whites's practice this form of magic. Vanessa L. Jones

Reply palmer
10:49 AM on October 6, 2014 

hello i hope you doing good

here is a personnal experience

when i first thought in my head may all be blessed

i saw light down head spine and legs

share if felt same

drugs legal

Reply Bridget Lee
6:51 PM on August 16, 2014 

I would greatly love to have AN AFRICAN AMERICAN take on the role of a great teacher of the old ways. OUR traditions are being stolen. Please teach us eager and ready to learn our history. I cant wait to learn. 

Reply Marquel
7:18 PM on April 12, 2014 
I just found your site and I am soooooo glad I did. I am an African American woman and I am very interested in learning Hoodoo in the Old Tradition. But it is extremely difficult to find books and info about Hoodoo written by African Americans. I saw your suggested reading page and it is very helpful :). Do you have any other suggestions? Thank you ;) Ashé
Reply Obeah
9:52 PM on March 30, 2014 

Can someone please tell me how to get a hold of Hougan Dafouse Jones. Thank you in advance.

Reply Obeah
1:23 PM on March 21, 2014 

The following blog claims that Hoodoo was taught to African Americans house slaves by their Scottish masters and Hoodoo was never found in a Africa. I wonder if this person realized that the Scots weren't really enslaving anyone but rather they were treated like slaves themselves.  I have even heard that blues and jazz originated in Scotland so I am not surprised by this level of absurdities.

Reply Obeah
2:07 AM on March 18, 2014 

Hi Dr. Hazzard,


I think you should turn this site into an invite only website for black people to learn their traditions.  Every other race freely and openly practice racism except for us.  We have to be like the  oppressors, if we are to survive.  The Albinos all over the world are reproducing at a zero birth rate, thus, they are reclassifying brown/black people (East Indians/black Arabs/black Hispanics and etc) to take their place and become our new masters.  Since black people were the original masters of the universe and the first civilizations were black, the European Albinos do not want black people to ever rise up out of this death and ignorance and take their rightful place.  Hence, this is why black people had to lose their identities to white washed Christianity.  black people become the racist, your survival depends on it. Stop playing the fool and the nice guy. Stop suffering fools easily. 


Like Marcus Garvey said, "Race first." We have to learn to put our race first or else what is to become of us in the next 100 years?  Every time a  black person tries to practice racial preservation he/she is called a racist.  But rather than give into the pressures of racists who only want to steal their identity and culture, the black person should say, "It takes one to know one" and carry on. Remember the European Albino by nature is a cultural bandit whose so called culture is a smorgasbord of other people's culture.  The original Greeks, Latins, Celts, Romans, Huns (yes, the original Huns were black), Egyptians and etc were all black people who had their identities stolen from them by a race of psychopaths after being murdered and raped by those psychopaths. 


It was the original black Huns in Asia who chased these race of psychopaths into Europe and thus, they became our problem.  Also, remember people, race was created in the 17th century by these psychos. Prior to these, blacks existed all across the globe in their respective tribes. Thus, when the black Latin sought help from black Egypt they rejected them. and" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

Psychopathic Racial Personality by Bobby Wright

 If you keep the site open, you are only empowering our enemies to continue to use our knowledge against out.  These whites claim contributions to Hoodoo were made by white Europeans, yet they themselves are flocking to black hoodoo sites to garner new knowledge.  If black people were being beaten and murdered by Albino Europeans for practicing their faith, when and how were Albino Europeans contributing to Hoodoo? Also, keep in mind that misogyny was illegal in most states and it was illegal for the so called races to socialize together so when and where were whites contributing to hoodoo?

We have to stop aiding them to kill us and profit from us.  Black America, you have lost jazz, blues, rock and roll etc (every genre of music was created by blacks), now you are losing rap and Hoodoo to your enemies.  Ever since these  creatures have left  the Steppes of Central Asia, we have been  in a race war and has chosen to bury our heads in the sand and wait on his white god to come on save us.

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