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Hoodoo in the Old Tradition

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Whites Who Claim to Hoodoo?

Posted by Dr. Katrina Hazzard-Donald on January 5, 2011 at 11:42 AM

Greetings All

Good discussion..but let me clarify a few points..this is not a debate as to whether "whites" can work Hoodoo.  Rather it is inended to point out the century long exploitation by middlemen minorities with a legacy that goes back in their families..they also sold/exploited black makup and specialized race products..Some of the contemporary hoodoo peddlers come from this background.  Thousands upon thousands of dollars are drained every year from black community sources.  This much needed money goes into the hand of exploiters, most of whom are white but some of whom are "very" black.  so this is phrased as a discussion about race & hoodo but it is SO MUCH MORE THA THAT..white members SHOULD participate, but don't get guilty or personal..I know how a discussion like this could make some allies feel...still it is necessary and VERY IMPORTANT. 

     As long as we have peddlers the likes of passing themselves off as "experts" (one researcher even suggested that I contact luckymojo for information I guess they didn't know that Iwas raised in Old Tradition Hoodoo practiced in my family) we will have this poblem.  No "money drawing oil" no "jinks removing spray", no "war water"  Just plain old plantation hoodoo.  The marketeers are not simply an "urban adaptation" of hoodoo, they push that line to justify and desquise what they are doing...they are distorting another people's tradition.  They mix Hoodoo with European witchcraft, they fabricate items and pass on the fabricated traditions that "their" ancestors used to exploite African American folk belief.  Then they further attempt to justify and excuse their exploitation by blambing the victim.  Think carefully about this and let'sdiscuss it rationally.  African Americans have their right to their own traditions.


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Beloved , reason with mi now ; The so called African American is a product of The Alkemestry of the " GENOCIDE " process of putting together many African cultures plus the genociders themselves , which produced a ' NEW BEING " . there is none like the so called African American .

The " NEW BEING " african American ' , is loved/hated by other blacks and strangely themselves ( Willie Lynch ) .. So the " New Being " , trys to initiate ,seek , other"s theosophys , When the " New Being is bringing the advatar theosophy .

That"s why we"re having this agument which will lead us on a goose chase . Our consultants and advocates ,stimulate us away from our true selves .

ever wonder why all this Hoodoo - Voodoo thing seems like confermation not " Information hmmm? Will the real Hoodoos " SIT DOWN "
Reply Lance Foster
1:21 PM on January 5, 2011 
ok, thanks Katrina. As someone who took the luckymojo class I am here to learn the big picture. I only was raised with the Native American ways. I do not want to diss or betray anyone. I just want to understand the different points of view.

I come at this from the Indian way I was raised from my dad and grandma with, as we Indians have our battles with plastic shamans and people exploiting for money our spirituality too, like that New Age guy in Colorado who ran the sweat and killed those people. Thanks
Reply John LaRock
10:52 PM on January 30, 2011 

First I wanna say I DO NOT think it is okay to capitalize on anyones tradition, no matter who you are! In this case it IS the White man who has capitalized on the African tradition of Hoodoo. I have no qualms with the expression of the FACT that the collective white man, the white power structure, has been a parasite and a devil throughout history in cases not limited to Hoodoo. I have no qualms with the expression of the FACT that Hoodoo is not only African in origin, it is and always will be an African practice. I agree with all of this, but how do those actions committed by certain white devils throughout history determine whether or not I as a young white male and a humber seeker can practice a form of spirituality not exclusive to white people? I only say all of this because it was raised in the other thread and I think it's important to say. I pay homage to your African Ancestors for all of their contributions to the world, as I do mine, and I seek healing for all of the horrible misdeeds commited.

I think that no matter what the tradition, if an authentic practicioner of that path teaches someone, the person who learns the true path has a right to walk that path. That being said, Africans are the only ultimate authority on African traditions, because they are African. I don't see why a White person could not be called an authority if they are authentic. Do you not know any authentic White Hoodoos? If not, someone talk to me about this because I am willing to remain humble and learn the truth about it, I have NO DESIRE WHATSOEVER to do anything with this Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding other than to make this world a better place for myself, my family, and the people I share the world with.
Reply John LaRock
10:58 PM on January 30, 2011 
That last part was serious but it was worded to be taken lightly, I expect no teachings right away being some random dude that just posted for the first time. What I meant was I am genuinely interested in learning more about traditional "Old Black Belt Nation" Hoodoo.

Thank you for your site Dr. Hazzard and God you and your loved ones protected.
Be loved John , as was admitted in my openning reasoning ; The so called African American is Alkemeticly mixed with so called " White blood ' ( rape ) and many African Cultures .
so without too much of a streach , you can claim a piece of hoodoo " BUT " you must eat the " BLAME " . that"s the entrence test . Most whites have a superiority complex that prevents them from being a " SERVANT " of " ANY THING " .

Here"s an Gullah/Gee " CHI " hoodoo lesson 101 ;
Topic: why de frog hab flat hansReply to Topic.Displaying all 7 posts..Joe Fisher
Le mi share disyea ; De frog had un nice plot ob lan . Him wan clear de land fe plantin . Him went to de villiage en asked fo hep on he lan . De whole villiage jine in an cleared de lan.

So him tell ebry un him wan shake de han ob each one . Dem line up bout mile long . Some skrong men squezz him han mighty . When de tru , frog han mash up flat to dis day .

Frog plain to Gawd , why dem treat him so badly ? Gawd de tell um " You kant shake ebry one han .

En de name ob de " KONKER " .
about 11 months ago.
Reply the truth
11:54 PM on February 1, 2011 
Thank you so much for this page! I hate the luckymojo and am offending by it's mere presence. She is exploiting our traditions and heritage, practically gving our culture and beliefs to anyone willing to pay. How this woman became an "expert" on Hoodoo is a laughable. You should see all the people flocking to this woman for advice. I have been on the LM forum and it's pathetic how these people kiss her behind. She has made enough money on us. It's time to reclaim our heritage from these people. How a white, jewish hippie became the "speaker" for us is beyond me. Do you want to know whats even more insulting? She has dvd's on African Americans so her "white" students and customers can understand us "Better". She has students from freakin Sweden becoming "liscense" Rootworkers. Sweden? It's got to stop!
Reply Wendy C Allen
7:56 PM on March 13, 2011 
I would like to comment on this, for I am Native American (Kickapoo) and my grandmother was a holy woman of sorts who converted to Christianity. I was raised learning her knowledge, but it was heavily watered down with Jesus and Bible verse.

Anyways, today I live in an all white community, and locals call me a "Voodoo Witch" saying that I practice "Hoodoo".

Well, the stuff I do, I have done for 40 years and was taught to me by my Kickapoo grandmother, I've never meet an African American, the only thing I know about Voodoo is from Bela Lugosi movies, and Hoodoo? Six months ago I had never heard the word Hoodoo before. When I asked people what this Hoodoo was that they said I was doing, they told me to read LuckyMojo's website, which I had also never heard of before.

What was I doing that people were calling Hoodoo?

For one: Corn/moss dolls stuffed/wrapped with roots/herbs. This is a Native American tradition. For years I called them prayer dolls, and used them as mentioned above. And yet people call this is Hoodoo and that I am using Voodoo dolls. Why? This is a Native American tradition, why are white people telling me it is not? Why are they calling my prayer dolls, Voodoo dolls?

Another: Prayer bags and medicine bags are small leather or red cloth bags filled with stones, dirt, roots, herbs, feathers, etc. They are carried during prayers to give them power or worn around the neck to ward off evil. And yet when I do this, people say I am using Hoodoo Mojo bags or Voodoo Jujus. Why? This is a Native American tradition, why are white people telling me it is not? Why are they calling my prayer bags, mojos?

One more: Burning herbs to cleanse the room (smug), spreading seeds on the floor in the shape of sigils, drawing holy symbols in the dirt...all Native American traditions, and yet wen I do them, white folks say it is Voodoo? Why? This is a Native American tradition, why are white people telling me it is not? Why are they telling my that my ancestors traditions are really some one else's ancestors traditions?

Now where my grandmother learned the things she taught me, I don't know, but I do know this: right now I live in Maine, and that's as far south as her family got, because her ancestors (of the 1700-1800s) were from Canada, and when she tried to find the original tribe she came from, she ended up in Alaska (where she lived for quite some time while trying to trace her roots). Well, I know for a fact that there is not Hoodoo tradition coming out of Alaska! LOL! She was from a small branch of the Kickapoo tribe that did not go south to Texas when the white men drove them out in the 1500's, instead they went north to Alaska.

But (white) people keep saying that what I do is "hoodoo", and they kept saying they knew that what I was doing was "hoodoo" because LuckyMojo had told them so.

After Googling LuckyMojo and reading their site, yes, I can see now why people are calling the things I do "Hoodoo".

But this still confused me, for now I had to ask, is the info on the LuckyMojo site correct? So I started Googling more info on Hoodoo and really, I am getting no really clear answers.

But it bothers me that white people can take my traditions and say they are not really my traditions. It bothers me that they can take another cultures traditions and say they know more about that culture than it's own people do!

In my Googling to find out what this thing called Hoodoo was and why I was being accused of doing it (and thus how I found this blog post, btw) I came across several sites claiming to be selling Hoodoo spells and such. I was alarmed at the price gouging I see going on among these so called "root doctors". My own "spell work" is priced in the $20 to $40 range, depending on what is being done, and in the end the cost is usually only $5 over the cost of materials. In other words, the "client" is paying to the price of materials used and paying me a $5 tip for the service. I am not in this to be cool or to make money, and I am not saying I am a "hoodoo root doctor" either, because I'm not, I am a Kickapoo Holy Woman and I am in this to help people, because helping people is what my grandmother taught me to do. And yet, I see the "root doctors" online, and they are charging $100+ for a tiny scrap of red flannel stuffed with chestnuts (buckeyes) and magnets (lodestones)? They paid less than $5 for the materials and they are charging $100? For what?

I see some comments on your blog here, mentioning how "white conjurers" are taking advantage of people and using Hoodoo as a way to make a fast buck - Well, I got to say, I can see why you said that! There is no need of the prices those people are charging!

I don't mind if a white person wants to learn and practice what they learn, but when they are just taking something they know nothing about and slapping a huge price tag on it just to make a fast buck - that I do not like at all.
Reply cyd
4:57 AM on August 23, 2011 
Really i see all you are is chest beating and you have a Problem with race and you are no difrent that those who are Racist
Reply lena_s
5:36 PM on November 8, 2011 
i am a white woman and i am walking with african spirits. like you i am oyas daughter. so what should i do? should i stop to listen to their call just because of my colour?
you wrote that hoodoo is getting mixed with european witchcraft and so what? look vodoun in benin rep. is already integrating spirits from other sides of the world so why hoodoo will stop to develop. life is moving, so is religion.
what is right and what is wrong is in the hand of spirits. i have never been to america, so i just know what hoodoo is like from the net and from books. but i have been to africa and what i am reading about hoodoowork reminds me strongly that those receipes are very similar to african magic. even our old spells here in europe are similar.
concerning luckymojo i can say that i am not buying products there, i am used to create what i need, but the herbal book from luckmojo is a nice and rich work with a huge collection of plants and roots.
Reply Dr. Katrina Hazzard-Donald
2:58 PM on November 9, 2011 
Yes I do have a problem with race. And if white people would stop being rasist I would no longer have that same problem that 50 million Americans also have. (chuckle)
Reply Dr. Katrina Hazzard-Donald
3:13 PM on November 9, 2011 
Greetings, Welcome to the site. First I am Ogun daughter. Perhaps you only THINK that you are white??? HUH? Once you renounce your whiteness and become HUMAN your problem will be solved. Do you want a black man? Many white women exercise their white superiority by using their position as white women, privileged, judged as "pretty" more desirable, the wife of the slave master, to lure black men away from their historical task in their own cmjunities. If your heart is pure, you will refuse to become involved with a black man until the "field is level" until black women achieve social equality with whites, and you work to end racism not contribute to it by helping to further divest a people of their rightful tradition, then yes hear the call of our ancestors. If not then please go away and learn how to be non racist. With that said let me ask.
What do you mean by that statement, you are being called by African Spirits?
Reply lena_s
3:40 PM on November 9, 2011 
Katrina Hazzard says...
Greetings, Welcome to the site. First I am Ogun daughter. Perhaps you only THINK that you are white??? HUH? Once you renounce your whiteness and become HUMAN your problem will be solved. Do you want a black man? Many white women exercise their white superiority by using their position as white women, privileged, judged as "pretty" more desirable, the wife of the slave master, to lure black men away from their historical task in their own cmjunities. If your heart is pure, you will refuse to become involved with a black man until the "field is level" until black women achieve social equality with whites, and you work to end racism not contribute to it by helping to further divest a people of their rightful tradition, then yes hear the call of our ancestors. If not then please go away and learn how to be non racist. With that said let me ask.
What do you mean by that statement, you are being called by African Spirits?
Reply lena_s
3:51 PM on November 9, 2011 
IoI, catherine - maybe you are white.
and yes i am one of those white women who is married to a black man and we even decided to have children.
sometimes there are hard times when it comes to history and i realize that colour is so much important to so many people in that world.
really i have no idea what is going on in your place, i just know that life is though were i am but those black people who are joining me since i can remember are important people in my life. what i see here in this thread in in some other internet-communities i have never experienced in africa neither with my african friends. there is a lot of racism, thats right. but i believe that there is something more what makes a person apart from his skin-color.
spirits from africa were calling as long as i can remember. thats a long story.
Reply D
10:26 AM on December 27, 2011 
I can understand shunning racism, oppression, tyranny, inequality and slavery. The blood of the slave masters were European, including the Spanish Conquistadors who were by far the most brutal of them all. I also want to assert that the vast majority of all Europeans were ALSO oppressed, raped, murdered, pillaged, widowed and orphaned. Additionally, other ruling class societies enslaved their own people, including other Africans! To say that slavery originated from the white devil is absolutely ignorant and uneducated propaganda. The patriarchal society extended all throughout the world, well into Asian societies. Racism, sectarianism, feminism, sexism, etc, was and has always been perpetrated by the ruling class. With that said, there have been a small minority that have aimed in separating themselves from human pettiness, that continually aims to recreate this viscous cycle. Reverse racism is racism and it will only continue to create division and disharmony. I've heard the call to kill all white people, which is genocide and that discredits this call to end racism with racism and more bigotry. I am a white hoodoo practitioner who has always been free-thinking, open-minded, and accepting of all people since birth. Never has it been my intention to distort, pervert, or belittle African Diasporic Religions or African American culture.
Reply rick
12:53 AM on February 26, 2012 
Reply benny
9:18 PM on April 8, 2012 
I can agree with what your saying. Enough is enough, but what is anyone doing to fix this situation? You barely see anyone African American who are promoting themselves as rootworkers or passing on the knowledge to others. Not only that, but most of these Hoodoo experts are selling their services at horrific prices. I always though hoodoo was for the less fortunate to have a chance? How can anyone with any decency be selling products and works for 400, even 4000 dollares (and this isn't even all the white rootworkers doing this, which makes it even more vile to me)?

Then you have luckymojo giving information away to the highest bidder. After that their students get the "I've passed this course" label and go onto to promote themselves as rootworkers, selling all types of stuff and now this woman is slowly but surely trying to erase the African influence and it's obvious. More and more white rootworkers are popping up anf most of them are wiccans in disguise.

I saw Sally Glassman (the so called Voodoo expert in Nola) and what she's done. Every last follower is white. Do you want this end for Hoodoo? Because it's coming and if people don't stop ranting and stewing on it, we will loose it all. Time to stop talking and figting fire with fire.

Right now I am reading, learning, looking for suppliers that sell herbs, even going through the damn woods myself, because I plan on working for and being for my people. And for anyone who may claim I am being racist, get real. How many black wiccans do you see around? Barely any. If whites want to share in hoodoo, thats fine, but they should not be monopolizing on it. Anyway thats my two cents (maybe 3). Time to stop talking and actually start doing.

Reply Sister Sharon
7:27 PM on June 25, 2012 
As a prophet and practioner of rootwork I speak the truth when I say...
If you read one book on hoodoo you've read them all. When I look at the stuff being passed off as rootwork out here on the net I just shake my head. Some of these people have managed to glean a few jewels of knowledge and they run with it. Most of the stuff they are passing as rootwork and hoodoo is nothing more than cracker jack treats and a mixture of everything else they have read in other folks books. Real rootworkers don't put themselves out there like that, they keep their knowledge close to their chest passing it on to those closest to them, never a stranger. Luckymojo and others like them are nothing more than opportunist who are making a living off of our heritage. As one commenter pointed out, we of AFrican descent could never go and claim to be taken seriously as a master at wicca but for some strange reason its okay for them to suddenly become the guru's of rootwork, hoodoo and voodoo. What it all tells me is that black people are allowing this to happen by patronizing these phonies. But when people want real genuine rootwork they know where to go.
Reply Obeah
10:01 AM on September 26, 2012 
Wendy is another lying white troll who probably feels some guilt because she is profiting from African spirituality. Who believes this troll has lived for as long as she claimed and has never met an African American yet she readily acknowledges that the people of her village tells her she is practice hoodoo. It seems to me that the people of her village has met African Americans and know of African American spiritual practices. Wendy, racist like you are an epic fail. You are only here trying to claim another group's practice as your own and being taught to you my your so called native ancestors. You are an epic fail because you want to claim these very African American practices as being native, lying white troll. Wendy, you have no tradition but the tradition of your ancestors which is to lie and steal from others and claim it as your own. You are so delusional that you believe your own lies. Pathetic.
Reply Leslie
2:13 PM on October 4, 2012 
I appreciate this website. I would like to learn more or the hoodoo since I come from the New England tradition of herbs and divining. There are similarities such as candle and fire and other earth grounded rites. As well as some of the eastern European beliefs I learned and observed as a child from some of friends grandparents. Thank you
Reply seeker
1:51 PM on May 14, 2013 
i am a black hebrew who covers from head to toe and because of this i feel like a complete outsider when it coes to the white jewish people who treat me as the gentile people do. i am wanting to learn hoodoo even though i am hebrew so that i carn learn to protect myself and my four children as well from harm.i have always felt like an outsider and have always had trouble dealing with peolpe because for someone reason i can tell automatically whats in their hearts and minds just by looking at them or walking towards them or just being in the same room with them. i feel like im in this world all alone with my children and theres no way out of the cage i feel like were in surrounded around wolves ready to attack. i have always prayed and believed and still do but have long noticed that its becoming boring to me as a routine because evil in man is overwhelming and there is no g-d to show me that for the suffering im in that there will be redemption in the end.i feel like i just want to be on a plain alone surrounded with flowers and having my children there with me where we can eat, run, play, and live without the sabblimal acts of others and their rudeness but i no that will never happen until i die so the only other option is to learn hoodoo which i believe will give me a way of looking at things differently and put me in connection with those who understands how i fell. also to learn the practice of protection spells to keep my children and i safe as well as being abe to bind others from harming us. i also want to learn how to help others become free from their demons within. please help or at least tell me what im feeling is normal.

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