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Hoodoo in the Old Tradition

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Hoodoo and the Psalms

With the loss of African traditional religion, the decline of the Old Hoodoo Religion and the conversion to Christianity, African Americans used the Psalms which were substituted for old prayers and incantations.  The following is a list of Psalms and their use in Hoodooized Prayer ritual. These Psalms should be chanted over and over out loud so that you can hear your own voice. Prayer must be done out loud so that it will act as a post-hypnotic suggestion Special thanks to Cassandra Wimbs who generously shared this list. (list under construction).  

Psalm 4 - luxury, wealth, gambling, chance, luck

Psalm 7 - safe home, protection, confidence in self, end to negative thinking.

Psalm 8 - attracting luck, good fortune, prosperity, productivity, increase in future opportunities

Psalm 9 - removing evil, removing negative influences and toxic people from one's environment.  Requesting positive outcome for difficult situation. Asking God to punish people who have hurt. Justice, negating evil.

Psalm 10 - Overcome evil. Safety in travel. Neutralizing negative influences. 

Psalm 12 -Restoring peace, health and calm.  Overcoming fear.  Freedom. Open thoughts.

Psalm 15 - Feelings of relief.  Overcoming fear and apprehension.  Happiness. Health.  Feeling pleased with self's situation.

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