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Hoodoo in the Old Tradition

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Winter Soltice/Full Moont Ritual - for Blessings, Money and Spiritual Growth

Winter solstice is a time when the light returns to the earth.  The increasing light and longer days is a time of increasing rejuvenation and increasing strength, light and life giving sources.  It is a time to link with the universe for increasing light..the full moon increases the potentecy of this ritual/petition.  Add your own needs to the ritual, it can be as long or as short as you want, repeat it three times (or any multiple of three) to increase its potentcy. Simplicity is best here for clarity of purpose and direct approach.  The forces of light return to the earth. You are working with the forces of fire and water.  Start this ritual FACING EAST, the direction of the rising sun. The person talking should face east.  Rotate as necessary so that the speaker faces East.This is a very simple ritual that may be as long or elaborate as you need.  Examine the pattern here and repeat it.  The pattern is: give an offering, make a request.   Optional:You may include a small amount of tobaccco (organic if possible) to honor those that kept this land for 15,000 years before the coming of the European "white man". The American Indian spiritual ancestors of this land are angry, appease them to strengthen this ritual.  Place the tobacco with the pennies and purse. Don't forget to pray for us all.  Perform this as soon as you can see the full moon in the sky.  Earlier is better than later. 

Items, you will need six items: 1.a small white candle of any type, 2.a container of water (water caught on the increasing moon if possible,or river water, or spring water if possible but any water will do) about 8-16 ounces, old purse or wallet or money clip or a piece cut from an old purse or wallet. This will be used later so take it with you when you end the ritual. 4.pennies (any mutiple of three) 3, 6, 9 etc. (I will be using only 3, use more if you need to). 5. A small mirror. 6. A small amount of tobacco, organic is best if you can get it.

Sacred Site: The Crossroads:any type ofcrossroads,intersections street corners. Begin the ritual by placing the candle on the morror by dropping a small amount of wax onto the mirror to secure the standing candle.

Ritual Incantation:"I will have all that I need, God is my supply, I am submerged in prosperity, good health, spititual purity, strength and stability"  (add anything else that you desire such as a good mate, freedom from bad habits etc.)

Ritual action: light the candle while it sits on the morror.

Ritual Incantation: I bring light to the darkness

Ritual action: Pour a small bit of water on the ground near the burning candle.

RI (ritual incantation) I bring light to the darkness. I will make good decisions for myself and for my loved ones.

Ritual action: Place the pennies  and the purse/wallet piece near the candle with the tobacco. (light the tobacco if you can, but it is not necessary if you can't)

RI:I Bring light to the darkness.I offer tobacco to the traditional spirits of this land.  As light destroys darkness the coming light will destroy all negatives spiritual energies. God is my supply I will not want nor need, I will have financial prosperity. 

Ritual Action: Pour a small amount of water.

At this point you can pray for anything that you specifically want, (wisdom, money, health, world peace, freedom for your people, etc) but you must pour out a small bit of water with each personal request, personal prayer.  If you want to, you may drop a small amount of wax onto the pennies (or one penny).  Take this penny with you, keep it for  later to place in your own personal "mojo bag" .  We will be posting directions for your own personal "lucky mojo" later.  Close the ritual by repeating the opening incantation.  Then gather up the items  take the penny(s) and the piece of the purse or wallet to include in later work. Leave the burning candle and tobacco at the crossroads.

You may do this with others, each person will repeat the ritual action and incantation for themselves, saying an incantation and performing a ritual action.  Each person will pour water (watering the earth at a time of increase) and make their requests.  Counter clockwise direction is crucial here.  Pass the water to the person standing to your right as you face inward toward the burning candle.  Always alternate a request with a sacrificial action. This is a rebalancing action which takes and gives.  This principle of reciprosity is universal and is in all ritual actions in which you make a request.  Hoodoo Wisdom: "You gotta bring one to get one" This phrase is still used by black kids preparing to fight, when someone threatened to "kick your ass" you'd reply, "you gotta bring one to get one".  Hoodoo wisdom is all around us if we only can recognize it.


do this in remembrance of me….for we should never forget

In the traditional African derived culture of the old black belt South, the New Year was a time for renewal, resistance to racist enslavement and hope for the future.  Families, friends and members of the plantation slave community gathered all night to pray, plan and engage in rebellion, and to strike a blow for their own freedom.  Part of the celebration was preparation of the “meal for the ancestors”.  This meal had ritual significance which was grounded in centuries of historical memory.  The principles of organizing and preparing the meal followed the notion that certain colors would ward off and/or attract “luck, health, and wealth”

          The traditional meal included chittlins’, hog intestines painstakingly cleaned, something green symbolizing money/wealth (collards and/or cabbage slaw).  In many black belt south communities cabbages were distributed to one’s neighbors and was left at the front door.  A “piece of money” often a dime, was hid in one of the cabbages.  On the New Year the cabbage was prepared as slaw or smothered.  Whoever found the dime was believed to have the blessing of money in the upcoming year. Eating the cabbage (as well as the greens) delivered good fortune to all who consumed it;  “Food az medzin” in the Gullah traditional language. 

     Other foods included the traditional “hoe cake” or “corn pone” a type of cornbread that was cooked on a hoe blade by slaves working in the fields, (please enjoy the freshly prepared hoe cakes hot they are also called "hot water cornbread"), baked sweet potatoes whose color represented wealth but was believed to restore health for the upcoming year.  These tubers prepared in the style of the African yam restored health.

And of course fresh “black eye peas” (the dried peas became an acceptable substitute). The celebration involving “peas for luck” was initially more elaborate, with the peas being ground and molded into balls, resembling meat balls.  These were given to the forces of nature (such as the river or the cemetery symbolizing transition and ancestral spiritual ground) or any other sacred site which replaced the traditional Gods that had been lost. In many traditional West African cultures, as well as in the New World where ever Africans were deposited in significant numbers, beans were used to clean oneself off as they entered the house.  These beans were then discarded at the crossroads as a sacrifice to the “principle of uncertainty”.  This assured that the negative forces would be appeased (no pun) throughout the upcoming year. Beans are used today throught the traditional African communities of the New World as a cleaning and purifying agent.  This can still be observed in the “Awan” ceremonies done in Cuba, Brazil, Haiti, Dominical Republic, and the U.S. 

 As Africans cultural traditions were diluted by European and white American psychological domination, the African ritual of the black eye pea merged with European traditions and was taken up by whites in the plantation South. Eventually, Americans regardless of ethnic or class backgrounds took up the ritual and now cook black eye peas on New Year’s eve or New Year’s day.

Don’t forget, the first person entering the house anytime after midnight brings either “good luck” if it is a dark haired man (or a child of any gender under age 12 if it is a male or a non- menstruating young girl) or not so good luck if it a woman.  This belief/ritual was taken from the slave masters of Scotch-Irish descent and their belief in “first footing”.

      !!!!Happy  New   Year!!!!

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New Years Day House Cleaning Ritual

There are many New Years rituals that you can do for the upcoming year.  Don't forget those black eye peas.  If you can't cook or eat them then have at least three of them with you in your pocket.  Don't forget about the red brick. Get your hands on an old "alley red", a red brick.  Ougan Jones will post something for you.  Remember the power of red brick dust.  It has the power of traditional African irosun powder.  This is a simple cleaning ritual that you can do.  Make it as elaborate or as simple as you need to. Start keeping a notebook with these simple rituals and supplies that you will need to grow in the spirit.  You will always need High John in your supplies, small white candles, small mirrors, buckeyes, and a compass for direction.  These you will need for future work if you want to start working the spirits.  For this simple house cleaning you will need:

1. A bunch or white flowers, get some white flowers from the local super market, they cost less.You will need at least three long stem white flowers of any type. You may also use any type of branches with thorns.  Remember that thorns "repell".  Use thorns to drive away or keep away whatever.  They work like a spiritual barbed wire fence.

2. Sacred water, river, ocean, spring or rainwater caught on any moon cycle.  Bottled spring water will do, if you can't get it then use any water including tap water, but you must pray that it be santified and made sacred to use.

3. Honey to sweeten and bring wealth. You only need a spoon full.

4. Cascarilla, a type of white chalk,(you can get this at a botanica or from an orisha worshipper or palero   just a little bit of this powder, about 1/2 - 1 teaspoon full.This powder is made from egg shells, you can make your own if you have a mortar & pestle by grounding down dried egg shells.

5. A strong traditional prayer from any sacred tradition, but it MUST be a POWER VERSE such as the 23rd. Psalms. I use this Psalms and mix it with my own prayers and requests. A verse from any tradition, Buddist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Zoroastrian etc.You should write down what you are asking for.

6. Red brick dust.

Begin by mixing together the water, honey, cascarilla, brick dust and a few petals from one of the flowers.Begin praying or singing an old Negro spiritual. (not a gospel song) but a real spiritual if you know one such as "Go down Moses" as you mix.  This takes only a minute.  If you don't know one then simply chant a prayer to empower your work.  Remember don't ask for it...claim it, it is yours. Then you must add some bodily fluids from the person whose house it is.  You may use either perspiration, saliva or urine. You need only a few drops. Use blood in critical situations, a finger prick is all it takes, merely a small drop. .  This puts the owners pheremones in the house and marks their spiritual territory, just as a canine marks his territory so than nothing will cross into his newly claimed area. You may also add sacred herbs that controll certain things.  Mint for purity and calmness, hot pepper to speed up and intensify the action, agrimony for protection, lilly for love, ginger for money or blackberry, chamomile, cedar, dill or cinnamon for money.  Use gardenia, olive oil, morning glory or passion flower for harmony in the home. Use rosemary to strengthen mental powers.  Use either bannana, oak, any type of bean (black eye peas will work here) for sexual potentcy.  Place a small amount of the herb/plant in the water. Start at the top floor if you have more than one floor in your house. Begin in the western most corner and work counterclockwise in the house and in each room of the house. Do this as soon a you can after the new year begins at midnight.  Anytime the next day wil work, you can do this anytime that week and it will still be fairly strong. 

Take the flowers by the long stems, dip the flower heads into the liquid mixture and beat each wall while praying for what you want. Be carefull not ask for anything but instead say "I will have...whatever, prosperity, money, spiritual purity, protection...don't ask for it...take it, say I (or the name of the home owner or apartment dweller)"John (example of a name) will have prosperity in the coming year if it is spirit's plan for him.  John will have mental peace and peace in this home.  God is our supply John will not want nor need"...He is free to follow God's (spirit's) plan in his life and receive God's wealth  etc..continue claiming all things that you want/need.  Bless the house in each room, do not be afraid to exert your spiritual power.  Spiritual power is like muscle..the more you work it, the more it grows.  When you finish cleaning out each room, having beat each wall, with the flowers then discard them at a corner or crossroad.  Pour the water outside the front door at the threshold, deposit a bit at the back entrance to protect the house. Then lay down a "line" of brick dust at each entrance.  It can be minimal a simple smudge will do. In an apartment, pour some of the liquid across your threshhold. Pray with each step of the ritual, including the discarding of the flowers and the pouring of the water at the doors. Don't forget to pray for our people.  That we as a race will be lifted up and delivered from the negative, retributive energies about to be heaped upon this land.

     Remember, don't retreat, have faith in your ability to contact and engage is your birthright...God belongs to us all.  There are other supplies you can get from some of the folks on this site...

If you have supplies, rituals,etc please don't hesitate to advertize them here.  Please give members a hefty discount..when you can...we must cover each others backs.  Call or e-mail me if you have questions.  Don't forget to post your New Years rituals.  Peace and Blessings for the upcoming year.


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