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Hoodoo in the Old Tradition

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The Hoodoo Ancestor Shrine
How to Construct an Ancestor Shrine

A traditional ancestor shrine can be very simple. It should start simply; once in place it will grow and require more space. Items to be included are up to you, but there are some things that all ancestor shrines require.

I.What to include on your shrine:

1. Small glass of water. Water is the source of life on this planet. It is necessary for all life to exist on this plane. 

2. Photos of the deceased.

3. Flowers

4. Candles

5. Liquor, liquid spirits, their favorite drink. I have corn liquor and a bottle of "Old Grand Dad" whiskey because some of my ancestors enjoyed whiskey and corn liquor. Some people include soft drinks here. A can of soda, their favorite brand and flavor.

II. Where to locate your shrine:

1. Any room where the entire family meets or goes. I use theTV room because we all congregate there. You may use any space in your house or dwelling, even those where only you and the family members go. I know someone who has their ancestors at the top of the second floor landing in their house.





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